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06/11/14 06:40 PM #159    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

Hi Cheryl. Thanks so much for sharing that video. Fond memories of a good buddy. Those dimples never fade. It was good to see you and besides, YOU are part of our 69 family at this point. :-)

06/12/14 12:14 PM #160    

Bruce Davis Catlin

All the volunteer's have my gratitude. Extra thanks to Greg, Ed, & Tommy for help prior & during the festivities. Glad I didn't wear the flip-flops! I joined the swim team with Godwin & Larmoyeux, just to be around their little sisters!

06/12/14 05:36 PM #161    

Curtis Adams

I posted on facebook but it seems to disapear after a while,I wanna thank everyone for a great reunion,you can tell alot of work went into it and as usual yall did an outstanding job, sure was great seeing everyone, always seem to feel a little down after  its over, guess because it  will be 5 yrs before we all  get together  again, see ya in 5 yrs of hope so anyway thanksssssssssssssssssss

06/13/14 02:12 PM #162    

Gregory S. [Greg] Poirier

I could not resist posting this photo with Russ.  

06/13/14 02:25 PM #163    

Gregory S. [Greg] Poirier

Or this one of our buddy Glenn Whittington.

A little Class of 69 history.  The River Hall Rats - Glenn & Pam Whittington, Joey, David, Trish Namey, Hobbie Joost, Kristin Kennedy, Greg Poirier, & honorary member Ann Bard.

06/13/14 05:49 PM #164    

Marcia Ellen Rice (Baygents)

Thank you Greg.  This photos are awesome!!!!!  Hope to see you at the 50th!

06/14/14 11:21 AM #165    


Christy Chandler (Garces)

Thanks, Greg.  Great pix!  Miss those two.  Can you believe how long we all wore our hair back then? Wish I had half that now!  Christy

06/14/14 11:33 AM #166    


Christopher Warren [Chris] Parker

Great reunion.  Margaret is the BEST.  She keeps us all focused, which is no small task these days.  I didn't have a clue about adult ADHD until the reunion committeee started to get together.  Great fun!   I hope the next five years greet everyone with good health, happy families and peaceful hearts.

06/14/14 01:32 PM #167    

Richard Daniel [Dick] Cheatwood

Thank you to everybody at the reunion who gave me a little tighter hug and extra kind words of encouragement

Great responses this past week ! Enjoyed em' all !

Thanks for posting the pictures as well...tell me we weren't that young

Beautiful thoughts from little sis about Russell, and who can forget that smile ?

And to C. Parker, still the best dressed Wolfson 69' grad, wonderful thoughts about the next five years


06/15/14 10:45 PM #168    


Mary Jo Linville (Deichler)

Thanks so much to all the committee members for planning another fantastic reunion for all of us to enjoy.  It was a great party and such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

I don't know who is in charge of maintaining the web site but it is so well done and such an excellent tool for all of us to stay in touch.  Thank you!!


06/16/14 12:17 PM #169    


William Bahme Coleman

Carole and I have been unable to attend the reunions because they have conflicted with the Jewish sabbath, so I was happy to be able to at least view the last thirty minutes of this one on streaming video.  Kudos for that.

The idea that we are all about to hit the half-century mark is pretty scary.  It seems like just yesterday that Mr. Meckley was chasing me around the school and wound up suspending me over sideburns.  Ah, the sixties!

Best regards to everyone.


06/16/14 02:48 PM #170    

Rachel Boldridge Lever

Many, many thanks to Margaret, Eddy and each member of the reunion planning team!  It was a fun weekend!  I enjoyed visiting with folks at the Friday evening gathering and then at the Saturday party.  We are blessed to have a group from our class who are willing to invest the time to bring us back together.  Again, thank you! 

Rachel Lever 

06/17/14 11:12 AM #171    


Christopher Warren [Chris] Parker

Sorry to have missed you Bill.  You always were a fine young radical. How simple sideburns seem today!  Take care and keep posting.

06/17/14 04:02 PM #172    


William Bahme Coleman

Chris, I turned into a fine old radical conservative!  wink

06/18/14 10:25 AM #173    


Richard Benton Gormly

Bill -

As fellow Vandy AND Wolfson alums sorry you had to miss the 45th Wolfson (it was GREAT to connect with so many) - hope we can connect at the 50th!

My wife, Margaret Hooper (Vandy alum also) and I have attended all our 5 year reunions @ Vandy, but this was our first Wolfson reunion.  Must admit we will be more inclined to attend the Wolfson 50th and not the Vandy 50th!

Will be interested to learn about your conversion to "radical conservative!!"

Dick Gormly



06/19/14 09:37 AM #174    


Cheryl Godwin (Class Of 1971) (Grymes)

Greg, thanks so much for the picture of you, Tube and Russell. You guys never lacked attention from the girls. I also enjoyed the picture of Glenn - always loved that hair.  Carol Kuhling, where is she now?  If any of you have pictures of Russell from days gone past, please send them to my email at My mother, his daughers and Angel love seeing the old pictures. You all are so special to me and my family!


























06/19/14 05:59 PM #175    

Gregory S. [Greg] Poirier


Carol Kuhling Barrett & Dianne Stone Renfort both live in Willits, CA

Carol has an FB page

06/24/14 03:55 PM #176    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

There was a Mims sighting at my house last night! Some old boys here you might recognize . . . 

David, Ed/Eddy, Chris, Toby and Mack.

06/24/14 04:02 PM #177    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

David says "Well hi everybody! Sorry I missed the 45th reunion this year but I'll be at the 50th for sure!"

06/25/14 01:57 PM #178    


Bonnie Lipson (Hearn)

What a gorgeous bunch of men. You guys look fabulous.


06/25/14 02:08 PM #179    

Gregory S. [Greg] Poirier

Bonnie is way too kind, but I wish I could have been at Ed's house Tuesday nite.

Earl Owen Mc forgot to take his tie off.

06/26/14 01:34 AM #180    


William Bahme Coleman

Dick, regarding my conversion to radical conservatism, it's been so long that I don't remember!

Actually, "radical conservatism" probably isn't the right term.  I am mostly libertarian.  I've always had that impulse, it's what motivated me to defy the school's hair code our senior year.  When I decided to go to graduate school in economics, the University of Chicago seemed like the obvious destination and that is where I wound up.  I missed Milton Friedman by five years but did have the opportunity to study under Gary Becker, George Stigler, and Bob Lucas.  The end result for my politics is that they are mostly synonymous with the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

The real change in my life occurred around the time of our marriage, when Carole and I gradually adopted a more observant approach to Judaism.  That proved to have profound effects on our lives and our careers.

06/26/14 09:13 AM #181    


Christy Chandler (Garces)

Actually, I think Bonnie got it right.  You guys are the best!  Bonnie, didn't see you at the reunion.  Missed you!  Xoxo Christy

07/11/17 01:03 PM #182    

David Wolfson (Class Of 1970)

Dale Kelly,

We posted in the class of '70 Message Forum, the obituary for Susan Vanzant Hassell.  Thank you for letting us know.  

David Wolfson

07/12/17 11:22 AM #183    


Libby Wade (Neves)

So happy to see these old and new pictures.  

So sad about Carol Ann Tindell and Susie VanZant Hassell.  

I had a nice phone chat with Carol Ann two years ago when Roy and I were in Ellijay.  She was her same energetic self, would have known that voice anywhere.

My favorite memories of Susie were her brilliance and her sweetness.  In Girl Scout days her sash was covered front and back with badges. 

Love ya'll, Survivors.

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