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02/06/19 04:46 AM #188    

Gwendolyn Butler

Who remembers the School Song?


We honor thee, dear Wolfson

A friend throughout our days.

Inspiring us to greater goals

Thy standards high we raise!

Thy royal blue and scarlet

Unfurled in noblest pride.

We honor thee, dear Wolfson

Our mentor, friend,  and guide!


                                                                                                     Fall   of   1967

02/06/19 12:35 PM #189    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

It's a little bit dim but if you enlarge or put the readers on :) you can see the titles. Remember when radio stations used to leave stacks of their current playlist at record stores all over town (remember record stores?).  I used to spend hours at the Record Bar on Forsyth Street when I was actually supposed to be at the library around the corner. Found a bunch of these in a box in the attic a few years ago. Here's the one where Crimson and Clover was #1.  This was also the week that I bought Led Zeppelin 1 with some birthday cash and I was more obsessed with guitar shred than slow dance (still am) but there are some prog rock tracks mixed in here too. It's amazing how musically diverse top 40 radio was back then and how long the playlists were. Cox and iHeartRadio play such a small list of songs so repeatedly..60 currents..that's a blast from the past truly.

02/07/19 04:05 PM #190    

Patrick Andrew [Pat] Carey

I would go to the Record Bar every Friday after I got my paycheck from Clark’s Market, and I would buy a record or two!

02/08/19 07:00 AM #191    

William Patrick [Pat] Hinely

I fondly recall disposing of a lot of disposable income at the Record Bar and Abe Livert's. Which one had the store on the right just inside the front door of Regency Square?

02/08/19 11:49 AM #192    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

There was a Record Bar at Regency..I think I was in Tallahassee by that time. The crew at the Forsyth street store knew me obviously and would tip me off to new stuff. I got some pivotal albums like Are You Experienced, Led Zep 1, Laura Nyro's "Eli and the 13th Confession" , and  Miles' "In a Silent Way " before they were even reviewed in Rolling Stone. (Obviously I found the Allman's "Live At The Fillmore East" on my own and bought it first day out) When I got to FSU I got a job at an indie record store across the street from campus and lived on cheap bad-for-you food so I could spend all my money on music and concert tickets. Needless to say the music I spent my money on wasn't very popular in a freshman women's dorm ;)  On one hand I love it that I can go to Spotify and hear new releases and really obscure older stuff, and that I am on there so much their algorithm knows me enough to make the discovery playlists relevant but it doesn't compare to the experience of walking into a record store and the guy/gal behind the counter going "when this came in I knew you would love it" and turning you on to something magical
This is a piece I wrote for an online music magazine about losing that experience.

03/10/19 08:50 PM #193    


Deborah Ann [Debbie] Rivers (Loveless)


Really looking forward to seeing all our Wolfson 69 classmates at our 50th Reunion this June. I wish I had old pictures to post, but I'm enjoying everyone else's pics and memories. See you soon! 

Debbie Rivers Loveless




04/22/19 08:29 PM #194    

Shelley Andriesse (Anckner)

I only remember 4 people and about 15 names.  How isolated was I our senior year?  Does anyone remember me at all?  I hung out with Cokey (Cora) Shields, and was in the Drama club.  We performed Arsenic and Old Lace.

04/24/19 12:28 PM #195    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

I so know the feeling. By senior year I was hiding out in Mr. Cook's office reading the first burst of 2nd Wave feminist writings and other progressive political stuff and spending a lot of time at the Record Bar on Forsyth street or outdoor concerts and the legendary houses on Riverside Ave. being the "teenybopper fringe" of the crowd that surrounded the Second Coming/31st of February/Hour Glass - bands that were the beginnings of the Allman Bros. I had already been accepted to FSU and I was going there on weekends to sing at coffeehouses so my heart and head were mostly in Tallahasse by then. But..that's why I'm hesitant to go to the would be like old times - that little fear you get walking into the cafeteria and having to worry about finding a place to sit. (formerly Elizabeth Breedlove -- it it don't fit, change it :)  )

04/25/19 11:01 AM #196    

Patrick Andrew [Pat] Carey

Shannon - don't worry, I will save a seat at our table for you! Patrick

04/26/19 02:31 PM #197    


Margaret Akra (Bulin)


So happy to see you signed up for our 50th!

I remember well your love for music and now look forward to rocking out with you !

Stay well ‘til then. 😁

Margaret Akra Bulin


05/18/19 11:24 AM #198    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

Come on, everybody! Let's get signed up for our 50th on June 8th. We're counting heads and ordering food so we need to know who's coming. Need to register by May 27th. Can't wait to see you all!  :-)

05/20/19 11:03 PM #199    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

Or we could Jazz out...the funny thing is we specifically put together a music mix that is not as boomer-centric as the traditional SJ format. That and I'm a hardcore 'Nole 

05/21/19 11:53 AM #200    

Zondra Louise Tyre

Hi to

"Seniors Fine in '69" crew.

I'm sorry I won't be in Jacksonville for the Big #50 Reunion.

Please tell folks I say Hi... and I'll be praying great Blessings

and lots of Fun on all of you as you gather.

I live in Central Asia now.  (I'm listed as living in Ethiopia, and I was living

in rural Ethiopia for 7 years.)  I'm just finishing up my first year here in

my new home.

Fun and Blessings to All,


06/11/19 10:53 AM #201    

Howard Lounsberry Marsh

Thank you Maggie, Ed, Chris, and the entire PLANNING COMMITTEE for a fantastic 50 year reunion! It was a great weekend catching up with old friends, some I had not seen in 50 years!  The funny part was that some of the conversations were like we just left school last week!                                                                                     The tour of the school was a most pleasant surprise. Seeing the inside after 50 years was an awesome and gratifying surprise. Principal Begley has done a tremendous job making it look like a school the new Wolf Pack alumni will be proud of.                                                                                                                                             Saturday night was the best!  Again, thank you PLANNING COMMITTEE for this fantastic 50 year class reunion you put together.    




06/11/19 01:41 PM #202    


Deborah Jeanne [Debbie] Bernhardt (Connelly)

What a wonderful job the reunion committee did! This was my first reunion I attended and I almost didn't come.  I lost my husband very unexpectedly 3 1/2 weeks before the event.  I'm glad I came...shared alot of happy memories with long lost friends (along with some tears). I'm thankful for God, family and friends. Please pray for me as I try to find my "new normal" in life.  Again, thanks everyone for a memorable weekend.



06/11/19 03:21 PM #203    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

Thanks, Howard and Debbie, but you know... it's really the people who come that make a reunion great and this one really was that. So, thank you both for coming and helping make it great. What a fun time! And what a time for reflection as well. Debbie, I know you'll be sad and lonely at times but judging from the spirit I saw in you this weekend your new normal will be a good one. :-)

06/11/19 03:35 PM #204    


Allison Marks Newman (Cuba)

Thanks to everyone on the reunion committee for planning a successful event.  This was my first reunion,  it was well organized and lots of fun!  We were teenagers when many of last saw each other and now we are senior citizens. LOL!   Allison Newman Cuba

06/11/19 04:41 PM #205    


Sidney Milton Leheup

Was a great time, thanks to the planning board, and especially Margret. Was good seeing so many friends. Hope we're all around for a 60th reunion.

06/12/19 06:24 AM #206    


Curtis Frederick Adams

Wow is all i can say, what a great job yall did putting this big  event together and I had a great  time, I'm  am having trouble staying up these days, because even though retired  still get up at 415 am lol some habits hard to breaklol Thanks  again for all your hard  work & dedication. I saw some people  I haven't seen  since graduation and renewed some  also,  Thanks  again

06/12/19 10:27 AM #207    


Christopher Warren [Chris] Parker

Debbie: So sorry for your loss. I know my friends have made all the difference in my life when faced with life's passages. I am glad you found some comfort at the reunion among old friends.  Please stay in touch and let us all know how you are doing.

06/12/19 12:02 PM #208    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

Yes the committee did a brilliant job. Food, decorations, presentations, everything. Thank you all for your hard work but fun work I hope since you created such a fun event. One thing that really stood out to me is how different we are from the way media portrays people in our age group. This was a crowd of attractive, interesting people who are fully engaged in life. We get all these images of olders as the 3 Fs - frumpy, feeble, and fearful - staring into the sunset and we are not that at all! And Debbie, condolences on your loss. That has to be so difficult and I'm so glad you came to the party anyway. And BTW those of you with grey hair, white hair, and less hair. Lookin' good, some even better than back in the day.

06/12/19 02:55 PM #209    

Richard Daniel [Dick] Cheatwood

I can't add anymore to all of the comments posted regarding last weekend...well, just a few things                        Wonderful time catching up with old friends who I only see at reunions, and others                                               who live in this area that I see a few times a year                                                                                                     Our class of 1969 really is SPECIAL !!!!!                                                                                                                   My two kids graduated from Wolfson and even if their classes had organized reunions neither one                       would have any interest in attending                                                                                                                         Thanks to all of the committee and all the hard work putting on such a special weekend entailed                   


06/13/19 07:16 AM #210    


Linda Katherine [Kathie] Bozard (Barker)



I wanted to thank our Reunion Committee for all of their hard work in making our 50th reunion the best one yet. I had the best time reconnecting with everyone. 😉



06/13/19 10:22 AM #211    

Bruce Oliver Barringer

I also would like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning and execution of this fine event.  I had a wonderful time and it was great catching up with old friends that I had not seen in a long time.  Thanks again!

06/15/19 11:54 AM #212    

Ralph Haskell Anderson

Sorry I was unable to make the reunion last weekend. Looks like a good time was had by all. Outstanding job by the planning committee.


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