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Mailing Address: Jacksonville, FL USA
Children: My son Richard Dill Germain, III was born September 9, 1988. He goes by his nickname of "RD" which was More…his mothers’ idea; this was the way to tell father and son from each other.

RD graduated from Allen Nease High in 2007. RD was a member of the Nease NJROTC Battalion while he attended Nease High School. RD was a member of Boy Scout Troop 23 and Venture Crew 23 at St. Francis in-the-Field Episcopal Church in Palm Valley were he attained the highest rank in scouting, the rank of Eagle Scout on November 6, 2006. RD attended Florida Community College for one year and he is now perusing his goal at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Orlando, Florida. UTI is a private technical school for automotive, marine, motorcycle and aviation technicians. RD has always enjoyed working on his car (he likes Volvo’s) and his friend’s cars and when he came to let me know that he had applied to UTI on his own I was amazed that he had taken the initiative to apply to UTI. The representative from UTI stated that when a 19 year knows what they want to do and they have set there own goals he applauds them for there gumption to go forward to complete there goal!
Occupation: Customer Service at Publix
City, State:

Jacksonville, Florida



Attended FCCJ in Business Administration. I went to work for Barnett Bank in 1971 in the credit card division. My best friend is still Pat Hinely. I was Pat’s Best man at his wedding on Saturday October 22, 1983 at Lee Chapel at the University of Washington and Lee in Lexington, Virginia. I am Godfather to Pat’s oldest daughter Juliet. Juliet has taken up after her father and is also a photographer. At Pat's wedding I met my wife Marnell Mayo. We dated over the phone and through the mail and only saw each other for 20 days before we got married on Saturday February 24, 1984 at Christ Church in Ponte Vedra Beach. Father John Riley from All Saints Episcopal Church was a friend and when he met Marnell he asked her if she was sure about marrying me. John was very happy to see me finally settle down. Pat was my Best man and his wife was Marnell's Maid of Honor. My wife Marnell was active in banking for a number of years until our son started school. Marnell became an active parent at PV/PV and Rawlings Elementary Schools, she became the lead parent in the “Save for America” program which was sponsored by Barnett Bank. This was the elementary schools version of a weekly banking savings program. Each student had there own savings account and each week they would line up at the end of there lunch break to make deposits to there savings accounts. As well as being active PV/PV and Rawlings Elementary Schools, Marnell was also active with Cub Scout Pack 266 were RD started is trek through scouting. Marnell and I had a deal I would go to the den meetings and assist with projects and she would be the Treasurer and assistant Advancement Chair for the pack. I stayed with RD all the way through Cub Scouts and all the way through Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts. I am still active in Boy Scouts; I am currently “Charter Organization Representative” and “Advancement Chairperson” for Boy Scout Troop 23 which is located at St. Francis in-the-Field Episcopal Church in Palm Valley.

I was married to Marnell Mayo Germain for 16 of the greatest years of my life; I lost Marnell to cancer on January 14, 2000.

I have always had the greatest respect for single mom’s everywhere I have gone, because I never understood how all of these women were able to handle being mother, chief cook and bottle washer. I thought there had to be the greatest book on the subject of being a single mom with kids. I discovered after Marnell’s passing that there was no book anywhere to be found on the subject of being a single mother (parent) in any book store or on any internet site. Being a single parent is done through the college of hard knocks. I have raised RD here in Ponte Vedra Beach since he was 10 years old and I have been told that I have done a great job of being a single father raising a son. I thank family, friends and all of the single parents that I have had the pleasure of meeting along this road to help me get through the steps of raising a son from childhood to a young man of 20!

In 1998 Barnett Bank was acquired by Nations Bank in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was Manager in Tape Operations in the Mainframe Data Center for Barnett. In late 1999 Nations Bank acquired BankAmerica in San Francisco, California I was part of the decommissioning team for the Barnett Bank Data Center. After the data center was closed I moved into the sever support team for Nations Bank. In 2000 Bank of America was formed and I moved further into the Florida server support team for the bank and was server farm Project Manager to assist with the design and building of a state of the art server farm model for Bank of America. After the completion of this server farm I was given the lead position of support of servers for the Electronic Communications Team for the bank which in turn put me on the team for the building of the servers in the South American Server Operations.

I have seen many changes in 38 years working for one company and I have survived many mergers and many staff reductions. With the economic turmoil that started in 2008 I have been caught up in one of the many staff reductions that Bank of America has been going through in order to survive in today’s banking world. I am still positive that there will be jobs in Information Technology to be found even during this current state of unemployment that we are going through.

In 2013 there was a roller coaster for employment for everyone! At Bank of America there were drastic staff reductions, unfortunately I was part of the reductions. I have found a new place to call home at Publix Super Markets; I work as a cashier at the new Publix Store at Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach. I have found that working with the public is a great change and I enjoy meeting people every day!

School Story:

Mrs Hawkins in the front office she was always in a good mood.

Dean Meckly "son were's your hall pass" and "how many swats do you want". I remember the two swats I got for skipping class. They were a burning memory I will never forget!

Coach Crook he never smiled.

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Have moved to the far end of outer Mandarin. Bartram Park Blvd about 1.5 miles north of Racetrack Road. This is a new apartment complex called The Carlton at Bartram Park. This area has exploded and from what I have learned the next phase of growth is just right around the corner!

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Richard & Patrick summer of 2000 at Lee Chapel.
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Eric Happy Birthday!

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Margaret a Very Happy Birthday!

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Richard Happy Birthday!!!!

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Richard & Patrick summer of 2000 at Lee Chapel.