Kim Magdalein

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Kim Magdalein
Mailing Address: Jacksonvile, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Carol Magdalein
Children: Carey, born 1976; Jennifer, born 1976; Amy, born 1978;
Sam, born 1980; Scott, born 1984; Kristin, More…born 1991
Occupation: Self Employed
Yes! Attending Reunion
City, State:

Jacksonville, Fl



Since graduating from Wolfson as "Most invisible Student", I started work as a delivery driver for the Hartley Press. After spending the next fifteen years in the printing industry, I worked my way through the insurance industry. I now own a marketing company and a Financial Planning practice. I am also blessed with a wonderful wife, Carol(Dockery), who graduated from Englewood in 1971(is that blasphemy?), six kids, nine grandchildren, and a wonderful, growing relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. We lost a nineteen year old daughter in 2010, which has had a profound effect on my view of life and the uncertainties we face.

School Story:

Wallflower would not adequately describe my days at Wolfson That would assume that if you looked at a wall, I would have been noticed. I did enjoy our football games and appreciated a few rides to and from school (I walked from San Marco). Many of you had really cool cars, very impressed with how smart most of you were, surfers left after school for the beach. I enjoyed what I overheard about surfing, parties, and relationships. I didn't really appreciate the fact that the football players, surfers, great cars, and amazing clothes had the attention of the girls, but as an interested observer I acquired some skills that would serve me well in catching the love of my life, Carol.

All of you who were achievers in High School were an inspiration to me. I never wanted to be you, but I wanted to be better. You never know who is watching. My home was filled with drug abuse and alcoholism growing up. Self esteem was a dictionary term that I was not familiar with. I didn't trust people and especially adults, but you showed me that life can be enjoyable, fun, challenging, and worth living. I sat next to you in classes. If I named names, you would recognize them all. I stared at the beautiful girls when you weren't looking and admired the achievements of the athletes. Since all I learned in school was to read, write and use a calculator(C average), I had plenty of time to enjoy gym class, nap in study hall, and daydream. I do have one confession. Sue Eng got me through Chemistry ( I had a perfect angle on her test papers: I don't think she ever knew.). She also taught some of my kids at Mandarin High. I really do have fond memories of High School even though I was mostly an observer, but that was a great time in my life.

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